Melatonin Ultra, 3mg Melatonin with 25mg Theanine One Bottle (365 Tablets Per Bottle) – Schiff

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One Bottle (365 tablets per bottle)
3mg Melatonin
25mg GABA
25mg Theanine
8.5mg chamomile and valerian extracts
10mg Vitamin B6


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For stress relief and a sounder sleep

Schiff® Melatonin Ultra contains key nutrients, including melatonin, theanine, GABA, Vitamin B6 and herbal extracts, that help relieve stress and support healthy sleep and relaxation.

Benefits of Schiff® Melatonin Ultra

Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster and promotes healthy sleep patterns†

Theanine, GABA and chamomile and valerian herbal extracts help relieve stress†
Vitamin B6 promotes healthy brain and nervous system function†
Easy-to-swallow tablets

Melatonin for a Better Night’s Sleep

Taking melatonin at bedtime helps to promote healthy sleep patterns.† Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the human brain that sets your body’s biological clock and initiates sleep. Darkness stimulates the pineal gland and causes it to produce more melatonin, while daylight stops melatonin production.

Schiff® Melatonin Ultra contains 3 milligrams of melatonin to help keep a consistent, balanced level of melatonin in the body and support a better night’s sleep.
Theanine, GABA and Herbal Extracts to Help Relieve Stress

Schiff® Melatonin Ultra also contains 25 milligrams of theanine, a natural compound found in green tea, for its calming and stress-relief properties, as well as 25 milligrams of GABA and 8.5 milligrams of chamomile and valerian herbal extracts to help relieve day-to-day stress so you can wind down and relax in preparation for sleep.
Vitamin B6 for Healthy Brain and Nervous System Function

Schiff® Melatonin Ultra also contains 5 milligrams of Vitamin B6 to support healthy brain chemistry and nervous system function for overall well-being.† Vitamin B6 is used by the brain for the healthy production of GABA and melatonin and can also help improve mood and reduce stress.