All colds and flus are not created equal, that’s why we created Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil SEVERE.

It provides relief for your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. So you’ve been hit by a cold/flu and feel rotten – what should you do about it? Why not choose Vicks DayQuil & NyQuil.

The Vicks legacy is about more than just cold and flu medicine. It’s about giving families the opportunity to continue life—even on sick days—for more than 100 years.

About the Common Cold

The common cold hits millions each year. Although more prevalent in winter, it’s possible to get one at any time of the year. A sore throat tends to be the first symptom to appear – usually followed by a runny nose and sometimes a mild fever or aching joints.

Colds are highly contagious and, unfortunately, there is currently no cure to the common cold. However, the following are ways to help provide relief: – Drink/eat the right things – some foods and drinks can actually help treat a cold.

Warm drinks can give relief from your sore throat and cough and help to lubricate your throat. – Sleep it off – even though it won’t cure a cold, extra rest will help you to feel better and may reduce the amount of time it takes to fully recover.

About the Flu

The flu is a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by different viruses than the common cold. Flu symptoms are worse than cold symptoms and include fever, chills, headaches, aching muscles/joints, coughs and sore throats.

Here’s how to treat/relieve flu symptoms: – Rest up – spend plenty of time in bed or on the couch. Stay inside, keep warm and rest. – Drink plenty – liquids such as sports drinks, water, and electrolyte beverages can help prevent dehydration.

Hot liquids also help soothe sore throats. – Avoid contact with others – you don’t want to end up feeling guilty for spreading the flu, so if you can, stay in your own home away from others. Don’t brave it into work – your colleagues will not thank you for giving them your germs!

What Cold and Flu Tablets Do Vicks Offer?

Vicks’ most popular cold and flu remedies are their DayQuil and NyQuil tablets. They offer combination boxes, which means symptom relief is available 24 hours a day. Both DayQuil and NyQuil are also available in ‘extreme’ varieties to deliver maximum-strength symptom-fighting.

DayQuil DayQuil provides temporary relief from common cold/flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, coughs, sore throats, fevers, and headaches. It is non-drowsy so enables you to stay aware and energised. Being non-drowsy means you can still drive.

DayQuil tablets can be taken every four hours – but no more than four doses should be taken in any 24-hour period. DayQuil does not contain caffeine or alcohol. DayQuil contains acetaminophen, dextromethorphan HBr and 5mg phenylephrine HCI. NyQuil NyQuil provides temporary overnight relief from cold and flu symptoms such as coughs, sore throats, fevers, runny noses, headaches and minor aches and pains.

This enables you to get the rest you need. NyQuil tablets can be taken every six hours and take about 30 minutes to start working.

NyQuil has three main active ingredients: acetaminophen (for pain relief/temperature reduction), dextromethorphan HBr (to help with coughs) and doxylamine succinate (to help with eye-watering and allergy-like symptoms).

NyQuil may cause drowsiness, so alcoholic drinks should be avoided and extra care must be taken when driving or operating machinery.

Why Vicks? Vicks has been helping people to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu (and other ailments) for over a century. They are famed for their Vaporub, nasal spray and cough drops, amongst other products.

Prevention Better Than Cure

The best way to protect against cold and flu is to keep your immune system healthy so that it is able to fight off germs/viruses. Here are a few tips on how to keep it strong: – Get enough sleep – sleeping gives your body chance to repair.

Getting a minimum of seven hours a night will do wonders for your immune system. – Eat well – a well-balanced and nutritious diet provides your body with the nutrients it requires to stay healthy. You should eat a good variety of fruits and vegetables along with enough protein, fibre and healthy fats.

Also make sure that you drink plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated. – Exercise – aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. – Keep stress to a minimum – stress attacks and weakens your immune system and thus impacts on your ability to stay healthy.

Try taking a few minutes out of your day to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Perhaps even try taking up yoga.